The Land Beyond

As I looked beyond the horizon, I saw the richness of the land, the green grass, the beauty that could only benefit humanity by its fullness. I was amazed at the bounty given to us by the universe, the expansive beauty of nature. This land had ample natural resources, untortured or captured by human greed. No buildings, no pollution and definitely no destruction. It remained in its original state of grandeur – like the Statue of Liberty – Free from captivity. This land belongs to you and me. It is inside of us just as much as it is outside. It has a heartbeat of its very own, if only you and I choose to pay attention.

So listen, listen carefully to that voice inside. For it speaks only the words of wisdom of time and of truth

“Search and you will discover truth,
reach out and you will touch the stars,
seek and you will find joy”

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