Organizational Change Management (OCM) is an important skill in any business that is essential in improving the ability to manage the people’s side of change.

What is Organizational Change Management?
Organizational change management (OCM), also known as change management or change management process, is a framework for managing the people’s side of change within an organization. Simply put, it’s a process that helps ensure that changes to a company’s products, services, or processes are executed smoothly and with minimal disruption to the business.
At its core, the goal of OCM is to help businesses successfully navigate through periods of change by minimizing the negative impact on employees and other stakeholders.

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Why is Organizational Change Management Important for Businesses?

There are several reasons why organizational change management is important for businesses.
First, OCM helps to ensure that changes are carried out smoothly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to the business. OCM can help boost employee morale by providing employees with a clear understanding of how they will be affected by changes within the company. Also, OCM can also help businesses save money by reducing the need for extensive training on new systems or processes.

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People Transformation In Your Business

For change to last, you need an expert to guide you on how to transform your business and engage with stakeholders. Tazim is a reputable change management consultant in Kenya with experience in helping business leaders build a strategic foundation and guide challenging organization-level people transformations. She works with you to successfully implement change that brings lasting transformation.

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