Second chances in…. 

Dear Fellow Life Traveller, In the last decade or more life’s challenges have exceeded human understanding! As we traverse through slippery twisty and challenging pathways we realize so much is going on inside out and outside in.   We are all facing challenges in a more magnified way during and post-COVID. The world we know is disappearing […]

So often we hear, you have so much…. 

Dear Fellow Life Traveller, So often we hear, you have so much ‘potential’! Or I have clients saying “I don’t know how to reach, use, live, or find my full potential!   While in session with a client this showed up so strongly that there was a deep AHA moment. Each time we speak about ‘potential’ we seem […]

Are you becoming friendly with….

Dear Fellow Life Traveller, Are you becoming confrontationally friendly? Hmmmm one would say? What do you mean Tazim? Can those 2 words really go hand in hand? Yes, they do! One of the main reasons people come to therapy is that they cannot confront many aspects of their lives or people they have conflicts with.  Rather […]

Generation X, Y, Z and then….

Dear Fellow Life Traveller, Wow…so we have arrived at Gen Z! What does this mean? Today’s children are made from different stuff. What do I mean? They have a completely different way of computing and perceiving plus a different way to output as well.  I realized it’s a whole different way of communicating and that’s not […]

Prisoner within a cage…. 

Dear Fellow Life Traveller, See it for what it is…most people are stuck as ‘prisoners within a cage of their past’! To think that with all the evolution that has been ongoing, this is the most challenging and unrefutable fact! Mental Health challenges have reached heights that are unfathomable. During and post covid the 2 most […]

Wait before you speak about….. 

Dear Fellow Life Traveller, Wait before you speak about weight! Just like perfection which does not exist neither does this notion of the right weight. There are far too many factors from location, body type, ancestry, ethnic food, genes, height, and racial/continetal definition to name a few aspects.  Went for lunch with a friend and a very […]