Mysterious Illusions

A beautiful illusion appeared with eyes like the deep sea, a nose carved to perfection, lips of a velvety texture – so close to sight that I could feel each inhalation and exhalation of breath. Just as suddenly, this vision disappeared. It seemed like the very air had dissolved very little particle of this being into itself, it suddenly occurred to me that I did not even know how or why this vision had appeared or, indeed where from, I waited patiently at first and then restlessly for a reappearance. But it was not meant to be. How often we experience mysterious illusions, not always for just spilt seconds but sometimes for days, months and even years. We choose to believe in these illusions desperately hoping, praying and visualizing the depth and truthfulness of the unseen or unexpected.

Illusions, dark and mysterious can and only will be illusions. We can never find the truth that is non-existent nor the depth which is only superficial. Do not allow yourself to be entwined in this cobweb of disillusion for it will wind itself around you like a spider forever spinning its never-ending web.

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