The Awakening

I lay in my bed, fast asleep in the darkness, tossing and turning at various intervals, dreaming and feeling the experiences as though I was physically participating in all that went on inside my mind. As the morning approached, the birds were singing and the sun was rising. Here was another day. I opened my eyes in contemplation, remembering the hours that had slipped by during the night and in my dreams. I knew that I had to get up and prepare for this glorious day, as with every new day, and thank the creator for my very existence and my blessings. Many amongst us have had similar experiences except that we remain in the slumber of the night for years, not realizing that life is passing us by. Now is the time for humanity’s awakening – for the realization of each beautiful day, for progression, and most of all for gratitude to the very nature of being and the appreciation of one and all.

Awaken now, and let not the night carry on but allow each day to bring the light in to enable you to experience and appreciate your dreams and desires.

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