Effective 21 st Century Leadership is necessary and essential to an organization’s success, and the need for leaders who can navigate today’s volatile and competitive business environment is greater than ever.

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Importance of mastering relevant competencies

In order for leaders to be effective, they need to master relevant competencies such as time management, communication, emotional intelligence, conflict management skills and create a foundational CORE Value system. These competencies will help them propel their companies forward and hold strong in whatever challenges show up.
Though some people are born leaders, many more must learn how to become excellent leaders through practice and guidance. That’s where our executive leadership and management development programs come in.
Tazim Elkington is a widely regarded and reputable leadership trainer in Kenya with experience in enabling leaders in all industries to master the competencies relevant to becoming authentic leaders. She helps leaders identify their leadership style, practice and develop their leadership skills, expand their leadership excellence, and develop specific action plans to help them as team leaders.

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Leadership Development Program
Through my leadership training program, leaders will learn how to effectively manage their time, communicate effectively, hone in their emotional intelligence, and mitigate conflict within their teams. They will develop a clear understanding of what it means to be an authentic leader and how they can integrate this into their own personal leadership style. Finally, leaders will walk away with specific action plans that they can implement immediately to start seeing results.
Change begins one person at a time and the ripple effects keep transforming generations to come.

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