Feedback from a client

“The whole process was like a natural part of my life journey, I have absorbed it deep inside through all layers of my awareness. Somehow it feels like it had happened a long time ago, as I have moved on on so many levels.
I came to you at the stage, where I was already feeling like I am working on myself on multiple levels, physical body, as well as mental, energetic, and spiritual. And there is always so much more…
My main areas of not improvement were the control issue, micromanagement, false expectations and judgments and that impacted also my relationships with closest people like family members and friends. I also had a tendency to worry too much.
Throughout the therapy, you were able to reveal to me lot of angles and root causes of some of my behavioral patterns. I saw clear patterns and it made all sense to me. I was able to look at my mother as an individual being with her own limits and issues and at the same time to see her with love and respect. And mainly to understand where I want to be, that I am not obliged to do things just out of the concept that I was born to her. I can be more independent from this relationship, while still honoring it and keeping it with love and respect.
I have reconnected with my father through actively approaching him on regular phone calls, talking to him more openly and directly and actually re learning who he is and how he feels. I think we are both enjoying this new rediscovery.
I had a few open and deeper conversations with my brother throughout the whole process, I am grateful for that. I am not anymore trying to contact him because I should, I do when I want and I am also ready to wait for him when he is ready to talk or share.
Obviously, I am aware of my old patterns of behavior, and notice when I am tired and can still get act like I would nott want anymore. At least I see it faster, try not to blame myself after and move on.
My children also respond to the change, with a bit of resistance and exploration, it is not only black and white, there are lot of shades in between.
I am grateful for the process and evolvement which is still settling down and I am excited about every new step and experience.
Thank you for guiding me through this journey.”

Feedback from a client

“I now realize that I am the only one who can stand in the way of getting what I really want. None of the events that happened in the past can stand in the way, not even the relationship I had with my ex.
My thinking is what stands in the way. Thinking that I am not capable. I now understand that I am capable and I am taking steps towards the achievement of my goals. I no longer wait for the perfect time, or the perfect circumstances. I am working towards realising my dreams without the fear of “failure”. I trust in the process of life, if something works as I had anticipated I am grateful , if it doesn’t I know that it is for the best.
Quite surprisingly, I have noticed an improvement in my memory. I am now able to recall details that I could not easily recall previously. I remember both the names and faces of the people I interact with in the course of handling a case. I also recall the circumstances of a case more easily even without referring to the files.
I understand the importance of having honest and reliable friends so I am now taking the initiative to form relationships. I asked a lady I met for lunch. We did not have much in common and I understand that that is okay.
It takes time to form a friendship, it can take months or years. I know that when I have a few conversations with someone we become acquaintances. We may become friends with time, once we really get to know each other.
Initially, I avoided relating to others for fear of disappointment. That fear is gone now and if a relationship works I am grateful. If it does not, I appreciate the experience.
I am conscious of the fact that being overprotective with a child is painful. I should give my son the space to grow. Understanding that he does not belong to me. He only came through me. This realization has led me to be very grateful to have him in my life.
I welcome constructive feedback. I do notice and do not allow unnecessary criticism and attempts by somebody to put me down. I have realized this is important in the cause of the sessions.
The story of Buddha really drove the point home. When a prostitute came to one of his seminars and stated shouting and causing disruption saying that buddha had impregnated her.
She shouted and moved so much until what she had tied around her belly to create the impression of pregnancy fell off. Buddha called her to the front and spoke to her with kindness. He told his listeners that one does not have to accept every gift they are given.
I now understand if it’s my birthday and somebody gives me a cake as a gift but the cake is made with shit, I do not have to accept it. I could decline it. In the same way if I do not need to accept shit from anybody, including somebody I am dating.
I realize that it is important to have a will. I am considering how the needs of my son would be met if I died. I also understand that It is also important to suggest to my parents that they do the same and I will do so.


When I called to book for the sessions I felt stuck.
I feel very fortunate to have gone through the process. I did not imagine that I would be feeling so much better in just 5 months.
I no longer feel the need to do things in a particular way or to hold on to a relationship that does not serve me.
I am pursuing what I really need with confidence and I let things go much more easily.
I still face challenges, but they do not seem as grave as they used to. It is so much easier to make decisions and prioritize on tasks.
Perhaps this is what Jesus met when he talked about being born again.”

Feedback from a client

“Thank you so much for your guidance over the last few weeks. You really helped me put everything in perspective and see where I’m limiting myself with my thoughts and patterns. I do feel much lighter, calmer, and less anxious in my everyday life and I’m looking forward to continuous improvement!
I’ve had some immense revelations with you, something I really needed at this stage of my life. So thank you for that, I’ll be forever grateful!”

Feedback from a client after the transformation process

“This is what has been happening in the areas listed below.

1. I understand that I am powerful

It is up to me to decide how I would like my life to be and take action towards my goals. I am now taking action. eg I have found a house and put in a deposit. I am also following up on the documents required to apply for the loan.

2. Decision making.

I should not sit on the fence but exercise my power through decision-making. Most importantly, make a decision that is right at that particular point in time. I am finding it easier to make decisions now because I realize that I shouldn’t be attached to the result.

3. perfectionism

I perform the tasks assigned as best as I can at that point in time, especially at work. I no longer feel the need to procrastinate, instead, I act as soon as I can.
I realize that my best can be high or low depending on my capacity at that time.

4. Being controlled by my hurt inner child

Instead of taking things personally as I used to, I ask for clarifications and work on the challenge that has arisen. I also express myself more. I am no longer making assumptions about what people think, want or their intentions.

5. Expressing myself directly

I express myself directly at home and at work and with friends. Eg I heard the nanny telling my son “chapa”, meaning nitakuchapa and I asked her not to threaten the child.
Before therapy I would have worried about the issue for a long time, wondering what I should do about it.

6. Living presently

I have realized that my mind has been oscillating between the past and the future. My awareness of the present moment has increased. My mind still drifts to the past and future but I am more aware of it and it is easier to get back to the present moment.

7. Realizations about my marriage

I am no longer experiencing pain when I remember the things that happened in the relationship instead, I am having realizations.

8. Feminine and masculine principle

I was leaning towards the masculine principle. I now understand that it is important to enliven feelings, emotions, creativity and spirituality. It is safe to do so and it is also an essential part of enjoying life. I am more open with feelings and emotions.

9. Mum

I visited my parents and realized that I no longer hold a grudge against my mother. I even call her more often. It would take me weeks to speak to her and even then, I felt resentful. I realize that I chose her so as to learn certain lessons and I, therefore, accept her as she is.

10. Father

I equally don’t feel terrible anymore when I think about him. I have accepted that what happened happened. After understanding that we suffer mostly because of memories, I choose not to keep going back to the pain.
I used to feel angry and resentful around him. When I traveled home recently for the weekend, I felt okay even when he was around.”

Feedback from a client after 4 years

“Hi Tazim
I remember when I came to you after a miscarriage and I thought my life was headed to the bins.
Can you imagine we are expecting baby number 2. We are going to have another baby☺️
Thanks for helping me stay sane during that dark time.”

Feedback from the life transformation process

“I am a Psychologist. I am glad I met Tazim and with her expertise, we were able to work on issues that I struggled with for so many years since I was a child. I came in as a person struggling with grief, unhappy with life, stuck and in a rut that I could not get myself out of,I had some discomfort with my body. I was dull, boring, slow, my communication and thought process was awful. I had lost both my parents and the grief was overwhelming plus I was unable to be in a relationship with another.
The in-depth sessions were thorough and I dealt with so many aspects of my life. I trusted the process even though we were complete strangers. I started seeing results from the first day. My sleeping patterns improved, my mind started getting clearer, I came out knowing what my self-sabotaging patterns were and how to overcome them.
The talk therapy was unlike what I have experienced before, not the typical counseling. It was direct and what brought results. I really liked how as a client you have to give feedback after every session, again different but one that made sure you are grounded in what you were working on. The whole experience was liberating. The hypnotherapy sessions helped me deal with issues that were buried within me for so many years. It was an amazing experience.
Many times, we tend to focus on other external factors in life, the sessions with Tazim make you focus on yourself and do deeper work on yourself. I recommend her sessions. I feel like a new person, I have come out of the rut, I am happy, enthusiastic about life, the discomfort with my body is gone, no more grief I feel lighter and clearer.
Thanks Tazim