A strong company culture can improve employee satisfaction and retention, attract top talent, and boost your bottom line.

What are the Components of Company Culture?
Your company culture is the shared Core values, beliefs, and attitudes that define your organization, guide your employees’ behavior and client/customer retention.

Values: These are the guiding principles and ethical compass that inform everything from your hiring decisions to the way you interact with customers. For example, if one of your core values is excellence, you might go above and beyond to deliver superior customer service or only hire candidates with outstanding credentials. Integrity, a necessary core value for companies would
provide internal and external direction on the level of honesty in one’s organization.

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Beliefs: These are the convictions that drive your company’s actions and decision-making. For example, if you believe that happy employees lead to happy customers, you might invest in employee wellness programs or monthly team-building outings.
Attitudes: These are the collective mindsets of your employees—the way they think and feel about their work, their colleagues, and your organization as a whole. For example, if your employees have positive attitudes, they might be more likely to take on challenging assignments or give 110% every day.
Behaviors: These are the observable actions of your employees in the workplace. For example, if one of your desired behaviors is collaboration, you might encourage employees to work in teams or hold regular brainstorming sessions.

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Why Invest in Building a Strong Company Culture
There are many reasons why you should invest in building a strong company culture. A few key benefits include the following:
Higher Employee Satisfaction: Employees who feel like they fit in at their organization and share its values are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs.
Improved Attractiveness to Top Talent: Candidates increasingly prioritize company culture when considering job offers. If you want to attract top talent, make sure your company culture is up to par.
Increased Productivity and Profitability: Research shows that happy employees tend to be more productive employees. And when productivity is high, businesses see increased profitability. So if you’re looking for ways to increase your bottom line, investing in company culture should be a priority.

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Improve Your Company Culture

Tazim Elkington has helped many businesses develop an organizational culture and succeed by leveraging the strengths of people. Her organizational culture training program helps business leaders build a foundation based on core values important to the organization and employees.
She will teach you how to develop and maintain a culture that attracts the right talent and help the business flourish.

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