The Higher Self

There is the physical body, the mind, the soul, the aura and the higher self. How many of us know about these various aspects of the individual elements that make up the whole structure of a person? Assumptions are the easy course in life. One is born, taught a way of life by the people closest to one and then led to believe that he or she is bound by society to a way of life that suits the surroundings and meets the expectation of the required standard. Materialistic value is number one, as this portrays standing in our so-called society. Moral values and principles are based upon achievements. Whatever happened to real values like respect, emotion, sympathy and reaching out to the less fortunate? What happened? Someone, please tell me!

Go beyond your physical body, your mind, your soul and your aura and reach for the higher self – the unquestioning, the intuitive, the supreme being that exists within you. Follow wholeheartedly that path that you are here for – that path that goes further than the imagination.

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