The Candle Flame

Tell me a story. Weave it around as your flame heightens and glows like the paradox of myths. Your wick remains sturdy and strong holding this light like a mother holds her babe with care and awareness. The love that flows between the two is forever entwined, until the wax melts away. So it is for the mother and child until the universe separates them from their physical existence, only to be reunited when their souls meet again. Then begins the planning, just like the candle maker who puts his thoughts and ideas with care, sensitivity, creativity, inspiration and love into making each candle a divine manifestation, just the same as our creator planned in creating every little particle molecule, atom and all life in this universe. The visible difference is that the flame melts the wax away, just like we allow inhumanity and hatred to melt away love and compassion.

The strong and sturdy wick that each one of us has, inbuilt, is allowed more often to weaken than to remain in its profound state, intuition, that inner voice, must be heard and listened to.

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