The Crossroads of Life

There had to be an easier way to make a decision. Standing in the middle of the road he saw four different paths: one to his right, one to his left, one ahead and the road he had left behind him. Choice was definitely the question here as there were three directions to choose from. The one travelled was meant to be forgotten. The one on the left indicated a move to a foreign land. The one to the right felt lonely and quiet, but the one ahead promised fullness, excitement and change. For all the years left behind, there seemed to be acceptance and self-centerdness that lacked contentment. The three choices left him a little bewildered. Look into your heart and question yourself. What choice would you like to make to fill your life with the missing, necessary elements? Fear of yourself, fear of the unknown and the fear of the past will only destroy the person you are and desire to be.

Follow your intuition, listen to your inner self and feelings and trust your higher self to choose the right path at this crossroads in your life. Choose wisely for only you have the ability to seek and to follow your own path.

“The joy of each day lies in our own hands”

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