Tangled Knots

The little girl sat on the floor, struggling to untangle the knots in her laces. She was exasperated at being unable to succeed and impatience took over. Her mother watched her from a distance in amusement, not wanting to offer a hand unless requested. She knew of her daughter’s persistent way of doing things. Finally the little girl called to her for help. The mother went to her rescue, immediately untangling her knots. The little girl asked her mother why grown-ups were able to do things faster then children. The mother smiled and answered, ‘Child, it is experience that comes with time. I too had days when I had to ask my mother to help me and one day, your child will ask you to help her.”

Yes, we will have to live through life learning to untangle the knots for ourselves before we can help untangle knots for those that we love and care for. What use would it be to help another when you are a heap of tangled knots yourself?

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