The Symphonies of Nature

The earth of its own richness as I sat in the middle of this vast space. The ancient hills seemed to send out echoes from the past of endless eons of lifetimes. Faintly I could hear the birds twittering, singing their own tune of satisfaction. It was summer, the sun shone with its brilliant rays reflecting on every facet of creation. The stream happily chuckled its way through the valley. The Lion roared with content and the rainbow spilt over its hues. I could not help but be overcome by this incredible sense of nature and the pureness of the land in which I was born – Kenya the land of mystifying beauty.

Time is irrelevant. Contact with the earth and Mother Nature is the utmost priority. I was so pleased to have this understanding and to be able to appreciate the oneness of life with the soil, the air, the wind and the water tingling through every atom of my being, I now understand the simplicity of the circle of life.

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