The Camouflaged Crown

He was born a king, without question. All who knew him or came across him were aware of his nobility and greatness. He stood grand, knowledgeable but unjudgemental in his silence, never uttering words of distaste, anger or disbelief at the tales of woe told to him, his eyes held the kindest look, full of warmth and encouragement. People came from far and wide to seek his advice and when it had been received, they stayed on to listen to his words of wisdom and gain further understanding of the unbounded knowledge that existed behind those peaceful eyes. One did not need to look for the crown on his head to know that he was a king in his own right. The halo around his head sparkled with rays of pure, brilliant light.

“Let the light shine through
the darkness and still your mind.
Let the thunder and lightening bring forth
rain to wash away your deep urge for revenge.
Let the earth stop shaking for you to love again”

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