Song of the Soul

I could hear it very faintly at first. Then louder and then to a rising crescendo I felt myself go with the flow slowly. Unhesitatingly and willingly. Initially, I truly believed that I had gone beyond the point of no return. What mattered was to ensure that all was well for those who were closest to my heart-my gifted treasures bestowed upon me: my children, my family, my friends who had stood by me through thick and thin and Mother Nature which directs the course of my life. Then suddenly, like a blessing from heaven, I was reminded of the duty of self-satisfaction – not for any other reason than this would be a song for my soul. Creativity, calmness peace and love bring out the best in a person. This is music for the soul giving it the release of past karmas and allowing it to be free from captivity and restriction.

Let the music flow through you and free your soul for progression towards betterment in this life.

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