We are all magicians in this dance of Life

It is essential to find your wand and start making magic as it’s available to each one of us! How do you find your place in this world of billions?
Look at yourself in the mirror; is there anyone else created the way you are? Why do we each have a distinctly different fingerprint that does not match even our own mother or father’s fingerprint?
Its because we are each created to be different, to embrace our differences and to appreciate these variations. Instead everything in the world tells us we are better of when we can ‘fit in’ and be like others. It is what causes us not to accept ourselves for who we are individually. It is time to wake up and realize that we have accepted this way of life for so long, suppressing and limiting ourselves to a point of becoming invisible. What is your life worth if you are not seen? Take responsibility and be who and what you want to be. It is one life, live it fully!

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