False Realities

When we follow the old and outdated we create false realities about life in our minds and the world we live in. One’s life exists within one’s mind and our worldview is based on the consumption of all the material we come across from various outlets and platforms.
The need to be able to look like the billboards advertising product for example is a great example of how marketing affects our reality. This causes us to compare ourselves to others and always ends up making a person feel they are not enough. The dissatisfaction that we experience is due to all the information we consume that takes us away from our uniqueness and reason for being alive.
Marketing and advertising create realities that ultimately sell the consumerist mentality. Another example is the impact of Media – everything we read is assumed to be real and correct and it is not. Most stories are sensationalized and give partial facts and based on this many draw conclusions about the country, the state and the politics of the people. Be discerning, be selective and question all that you hear, read, see and are told as its not the whole truth of the matter.

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