The Two Ships

Journeying through the night from opposite directions, the two ships met on calm seas at the stroke of midnight. One had a majestic frame, sturdy and strong, to support it through the trials of the impetuous winds and the turmoil’s of the ever-changing seas. The other was a simple construction for the movement with minimal comfort and material. As unpredictable as life, the high seas suddenly rose in great waves of passion, emotion and strength. The quiet of the undercurrent was pulled questioningly to the surface in order to test the survival of the mightiest. The night wore on relentlessly. The stars shone brightly and the moon slipped away quietly behind a cloud. When morning came, miraculously both ships sailed side by side. The high seas had lost yet another battle and had not claimed what had been sought. Life teaches us that we are all like the two ships that come from afar, meet and survive regardless of our physical make up, status or grandeur. We can all move side by side in harmony and survive sudden turmoil, darkness and changing winds.

Like two ships in the night, two people on the road or two stars in the sky, one can feel the closeness and companionship of another, taking away the fear of being alone and afraid.

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