The Silvery Spiral Staircase

There it stood, right in the middle of this huge ground – the most amazing, incredible staircase. It looked like it had been there forever and ever. One could see that the workmanship contained immense strength. The design could only have been created by a genius. The staircase stood sturdy and strong in every curve, slant and turn even though it looked ancient. The silvery metal sparkled at the slightest reflection of light and sunshine. I could not imagine how it kept spiraling on and on and on, making me feel dizzy as I looked up. I asked the attendant what this beautiful piece of artwork represented. His answer was simple. It was a creation of the imagination, of strength, of beauty and of the possibility of any though in the mind. The man who built it was told that it would never last and collapse due to its poor design – yet it had existed for over half a century.

Limitations and boundaries are created by man, and yet one can create and disprove these restrictions.

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