The Wise Old Woman

She sat on her little stool, wrinkled, shrunken with age and wisdom written on her face. What an incredibly beautiful sight as she sat smoking her traditional pipe which was totally uncommon to the women, yet common to the men of that land. She looked up, a look of kindness on her face, and watched me approach. Gentleness and compassion filled my heart with a sense of wanting to belong. She nodded at the stool opposite her and I sat myself down. I felt a oneness with this complete stranger that I had never felt before. The silence was so comfortable that I did not wish to speak. As the minutes drifted by my mind wandered like a lone ship at sea sailing on peaceful waters and time seemed endless. Suddenly, in a husky voice, she spoke calmly of tales relating to her mysterious life. I was captivated by the magic of her words.

This wise old woman was as old as the hills, as calm as the seas, as beautiful as the sunset. I was totally entranced by her wisdom and unable to believe my good fortune in receiving knowledge that could only have come from the experience of many lifetimes.

“Love is the only key.
And unconditional love, is the only answer”

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