Sand Dunes

I stood in the middle of the desert with not another soul in sight – hot, tired, totally parched and losing that last thread of hope. The sand dunes seemed to grow larger by the minute and my sense of direction seemed to be getting confused. I knew I was getting desperate, yet I refused to give in and fall to the ground. There had to be someone – a traveller, a soul mate, a friend, a stranger. Anyone, please, please help me out of this terrible situation. Suddenly I heard this faint sound which became louder and – there was my saviour! A man of God, on his way to the next town, stopped as I waved frantically. “What is wrong?” he asked. “Please may I have something to drink?” I answered.

In life there is never a dead end. We all have a choice. As long as we choose not to give up – to persevere and to seek – we will always find, even in the midst of a desert full of sand dunes.

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