Business re-evaluations – When the string is too short!

Leaders face huge challenges in delivering results now, whilst maintaining and enhancing the health of individuals and the organization at large. An operational review can be used to identify a breakdown in communication between management and staff, imbalanced and disharmonious communication between departments, below average customer relations and a variety of other issues of significant concern.
Tazim’s assessments allow you to have an in-depth and insightful perspective on the issues that need to be addressed. This connects the gaps between the missing links in the day-to-day running of the business and identifies areas that are not bringing optimum results internally and externally. Behavioral reports are designed to increase self-awareness and to identify possible strengths and limitations of managers and employees. This information allows your organization to determine stress points and eliminate potential productivity blockers and breakdowns.
In addition, behavioral reports can also be used to manage employee stress and resistance during the change process. They can also be used for resolving conflict during times of change, and setting project goals for the change process.
Tazim’s discerning operational reviews are designed to review activities within an organization to enhance the ‘bigger picture’. These reviews can be company-wide, or, directly related to the activities of one department/division, but a single-department review will require an analysis of the impacts other departments have on the operating activities of the single department being reviewed.
If you are that company that can sense that something is not working, or you have a particular area that you know could work better, please contact Tazim for a tailor made package to suit your needs.