Customized Company retreats- De-tangling the knots

Tazimís has a candid and compelling style of delivery with the right mix of fun. This experiential workshop invites participants to explore the changes they want to make to achieve their goals. Her incomparable retreats are intricately put together to address the need and goals of your company. In typical Tazim style, her retreats are never one size fits all. She works with all levels of staff, large or small numbers, from 1 to 3-day retreats depending on the requirement. Tazimís retreats are exciting, powerful, memorable and result orientated both immediately and in the long term with personalized action plans that can easily be followed up after the retreat.
Tazim opens doorways for effective interpersonal communication between managers, employees, and team members which will increase productivity, efficiency and satisfaction on all levels.
If you are that company, looking for a transformation with a personalized service, please contact Tazim for a tailor made package to suit your needs