Private groups-Individualized Workshops and seminars; De-compartmentalize the old

Tazims individual workshops provide a space and experience that result in providing new perspectives and leading to major barrier-breaking in whatever areas you are looking to change. She facilitates a safe space for thinking and decision making for groups of any nature, subject and matter. Tazim identifies where we need to change thought patterns and behaviors in order to create desired results. She teaches how you can break out of negative cultural programming and live a more authentic life. She passes on techniques in which we are able to walk lightly through life as we create the results we want on in our personal and professional lives. Tazim gives you practical tools to be able to have inner power and unshakeable sense of who you are, which directly impacts relationships and levels of success in all our areas of one’s life. Her teaching methodologies are simple, highly effective, easy to understand and easy to practice in your daily life.
Tazim’s workshops and seminars can be centered on any human subject or requirement. Her philosophy is to help you to break free from the behaviors that prevent you from leading the life you want to live." After the experience you will not only be able to successfully walk past your current blocks but you’ll be to achieve what you thought was beyond your reach.
Whatever the group, whatever the need call Tazim for a specific designed package towards “real”, transformation.