One on Oneís - Personal transformation

Tazimís works to change individual experience in all areas of life. Her methodology is simple, effective and based on self-reliance and self-respondability. It works when a person is fully committed to applying and incorporating the understanding of life in their life. The sessions are 1.5 hours each and there will be some work required between appointments to ensure the new insights are applied to create a shift. Her methodology is unconventional and based on self-understanding rather than issues pertaining to others. Until a person 'sees' her/himself, they cannot 'see' another. This is a daily challenge for many however, Tazimís tools are simple and easy to implement immediately with guaranteed results.
The answer to a fulfilling life is so much easier than we think and very much within our control. Change your interpretation of where your life is and who you are and the whole world changes. All of us have the power and ability to create the life we want. Most of us need a little guidance to get there.
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