Qure your mind

We are reaching a point in our ever-changing world where we are questioning and challenging limiting paradigms. There are better and different ways to think, feel, live and be! If you are watching moments pass you by, feel there are some intangible Ďgapsí then it is time to make every moment count. Change! Letís get you out of your comfort zones and challenge and stretch the tendons of your incredible mind. EVERY single human being has the brilliance to shift old, restricting and limiting mindsets - so give yourself a Chance!
Tazim Elkington has very recently returned to Kenya following 9 years in Canada. Tazim has consciously worked, created and affected change within herself through a myriad of direct experiences. Her outlook and concept of life is constantly changing and filled with joy and a contagious zest for life.
Tazim is a vivacious, lively, humorous and adventurous spirit embodying non-conformity, limitless possibilities and radical ideologies. Her candid expression and language provides one with the opportunity to step out of self-created boundaries and stretch the vision in our minds.
Enough of the fluff, letís bring on the real stuff! Itís time for a mind-blowing, off-the- wall, interactive, brain-teasing workshop!