About The Indian black butterfly – Welcome to the “Q” factor

Thank you for being ‘Qurious’ and visiting this site. The Indian Black butterfly is all about revolutionary social change one person at a time. From one-on-one interactions, workshops, seminars and various unconventional methods to reaching and creating lasting change and fulfillment that is impactful and sustainable. The “Q” factor is literally infectious and can be applied on a personal, relational, professional and organizational level to a collective scale. The methods are distinct, unconventional and unique in nature and unlike any self-help, personal development, organizational change you have ever read, experienced or heard of..The Indian Black Butterfly is constantly changing and evolving to meet new and current emerging circumstances. Tazim seeks to educate and elevate the experience we have of living meaningful lives and achieving desired goals. The Indian black butterfly is fearless, accountable, quantifiable, colourful, clear, de-layering, quick, current, applicable, simple, effective, long lasting and most importantly REAL. Take action for an unparalleled journey of self-discovery, awareness and achievement.