Where it all began

As a familiar name to poetry enthusiasts who followed her column in Kenya's Standard Newspaper, Tazim Elkington has gained recognition in both her writings and her lifestyle through various multi-faceted careers from Wildlife Safari, the 4th largest tour operator in East Africa, Director of Sales and marketing for Hilton Kenya, Vice Chairlady of the natural healing organization known as the Alpha Society and supporter/organizer of numerous fund-raising projects. Tazim lived in Toronto, Canada for nearly a decade involved with various community programs to carry on her quest to share and grow. Tazim has recently returned to Kenya with a specific focus on creating and affecting change by presenting her 'out of the box' workshops and seminars on shifting old paradigms!

Tazim is a strong supporter of women and their increasingly active role in the business environment. As an advocator of the awareness and benefits derived from positive thinking and being happy she takes comfort in knowing she is making a difference...

"Nothing is unplanned, even luck…it's what you do with it that counts"

"I dedicate these words to two parts of me who live in their own space and time. To my daughters Natasha and Charlene. With Love Always."


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