Echoes of the Night

The owl hooted, the dogs barked, the croaking frogs seemed to be having an amusing conversation. The wind whistled as it swirled about the night, the river ran musically over the rocks and pebbles. The moon shone brightly in the sky like a proud mother watching over her children. The stars clustered together whispering their songs of praise and gratitude. Mother Nature was overcome by the intensity of knowing that she had created yet another beautiful, peaceful and harmonious night. There was calm and quiet before the dawn of another day. She took pleasure in savouring every moment before the hustle and bustle that daylight would bring. Asleep, we all miss out on these ecstasies and happenings of the night - yet we are able, if we choose, to grasp these sensations just by using our imagination.

Reach out and connect with this beautiful feeling Appreciate the part you play in tune with nature and laugh with the stars. Speak to the wind and rest - rest peacefully in your heart.

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