The White Feather

I shook the bed covers to settle them and tucked them into the side of the bed when suddenly this lone white feather floated up and then down again. Without much notice, I shook the covers again and bingo! There was the feather for the second time I picked it up and looked at its soft, smooth and pure texture. I laid it on my black portfolio and it seemed content. One evening, several days later, I picked up my portfolio and the feather floated up and back down again. I had forgotten all about my little white feather that had been sitting on my portfolio. The analogy that came to mind then was simple and straightforward. Anything, anybody is happy to be in a place that is calm and peaceful. Once ruffled and disturbed it brings out the stress, releasing its unhappiness with anger and dissatisfaction.

Each one of us needs to feel safe and secure like the white feather against a black portfolio regardless of race, colour, creed or religion and most of all to feel freedom - the freedom of life unbounded.

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