Tazim Elkington helps raise funds for cancer

Tazim Elkington participated in the West End Calendar Girls to raise funds to eradicate cancer. Please click on this link to find out more:


A dedication to the West End Calendar Girls
by Tazim Elkington

Gypsy Woman - 10/8/2005 @01.54am

Wanderer of the earth, you came to be a Woman, a Mother, a Sister and a Friend. You had no idea that life would give you all that you wished for to create your experiences and then you would have to let go of it all to start again, and again. Each time you were more prepared, stronger, ready to hang on longer to make each phase last longer. Then one day you would wake and know that it was time to move on, to grow and to leave it all behind taking only your bag of wisdom and experiences with you. You pondered for weeks on the next cycle, clearing the old to make room for the new, giving all you had to those that have more need for it. You sowed so that others would reap, you laughed to make others awaken from their grief. At night, you were alone, holding yourself tight and convincing yourself that the next time would be easier and you would achieve what you initially set out to do. To BE, just BE, love and embrace all life as you were born to do……. Do not loose heart little one as it is here and this time you will succeed as you have each time, only this time you will see and accept how great a part you play in the tapestry of life!!!

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