Whispering Willows in the Wind

The growling of the wind broke the silence of the night. The children, in their warm beds, did not hear the crackling of the branches or feel the strength with which the air carried itself. Outside, nature was taking its course, bringing forth a new season. The countryside seemed to gain its own momentum and the overriding hues seemed to change as the wind moved at its own pace. Suddenly, it reached the outskirts of the forest. The whispering willows in their mightiness remained unruffled at first then shook a little. As the wind gained strength and courage, the speed seemed incredible. Yet, the willows stood strong and sturdy while the trees trembled, weakened and groaned under the pressure. Soon there was disarray and shambles with the wind having won the battle - only the willows seemed to be holding their ground.

Courage, strength and faith are like the willows standing strong no matter how hard the wind blows. These are three of the most positive traits in us humans, which helps us to overcome the winds of negativity, hate, disbelief and greed.


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