The Land of Snow

She arrived from the land of sunshine and warmth of short rainy seasons that somehow never penetrate that atmosphere enough for the cold to set in. She lived a life taking decisions independently, directing the lives of her children and herself to the best of her abilities. She ensured that she gave all and more than she, herself, had received. Then, one day, she fell hopelessly and totally in love with a soul mate. There was no holding back. There were no questions and definitely no doubts that this was what they called the real thing. There was no looking back and progression had taken a leap without any warning. She was willing to go where the weather brought the cold and snow, where commuting took hours on end, where life was the opposite of what she was used to…. Anything to be where she had given her heart. It did not matter where she was as long as she was with her loved one. All the bridges would be crossed, as sharing would make the burden lighter. The joy of loving would warm the coldest night and the sense of belonging could make the house a home.


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