The Sword of Silence

The blade was blunt from years of disuse. The metal had lost its shine - the leather having worn its years with grace, even so, it hung from the wall with pride and dignity for having been passed down from generation to generation. Knowing that no blood that burst from the sword, no harm had been caused and no life lost. This royal sword sat in its silence like a beautiful picture on a mantelpiece. Silence in peace, in acceptance, in understanding of its creation. Like the old saying goes "Empty vessels make a lot of noise". So absolutely true of those who babble incomprehensibly, endlessly, with nothing to say. Contemplation in silence, understanding in peace, with satisfaction in the heart can only bring forth bliss….and a quietening of the soul in search of the inner self, by attaining unity with, and total awareness of, the higher source.

Hush, hush …. Listen to that supreme inner voice…. listen … listen.


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