Heavenly Gifts Here on Earth

One is made to believe that we come to earth for experiences that vary from one extreme to another. To define an experience is not an easy task as no matter which end of the scale it weighs down, it is but just an experience. Pain, hurt and anguish are only different paths on this road of experience just like joy, happiness, love and sharing. Which path do you wish to take? Which direction does your heart yearn for and intend to go towards? Mine is simple and straightforward. For all that I have experienced, I now choose the latter for I have so much to give and to share. This is my learning and a heavenly gift right here on earth. The choice is yours too and my request to you is to make the right choice and gain this heavenly feeling on earth. It will make it a better world for yourself and, most of all, for everyone around you.

The gift of life vanquishes all the other misconceptions that we harbour.


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