Colours of the Wind

The easterly wind blew with a force that felt like it had a life of its own. The trees creaked - their roots holding on to the earth for survival. The owls hooted, perturbed by the commotion and the interruption of their nightly duties. The dogs howled in fear of the unknown. Children remained tucked in their beds with imaginary ghosts as their companions. As the night wore on, the wind twisted and turned, dancing to an unknown rhythm painting pictures of the past, present and future in colours that could not be seen by the naked eye. As the sun rose, the air was filled with magic and excitement. I, who had slept through this change, went out to look at the sunrise and felt the vibrations in the atmosphere. I wished that I could visualize the colours of the wind and paint them all in beautiful hues and pastels.

We can only truly be ourselves once we love, accept, trust and believe in ourselves first and then, in the rest of the world.


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