Islands of the Ocean

The waves hit the beach as though they would never come back. It was high tide and one could look and feel the strength with which the rush of the water left the sand totally drained before the next - like a never ending story. Nature, without doubt, intended this powerful union. As the hours ticked by, the waves seemed exhausted and gradually slowed their pace to a point of total calmness, content in the knowledge that they would soon meet again. The islands belong to the ocean, to the high seas, and yet the passionate tide keeps on tirelessly, faithfully and lovingly coming back.

Why can we not see this and learn from it? Each one of us is also like the island that is meant to be loved with strength and calmness, tirelessly and faithfully, knowing that nature intended this to be. Why must we keep demanding, when it is so clear? Our paths are like those of the island and the waves - totally open. Let love channel its way like the tide.


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